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Lola Gets Naughty Behind the Camera
SAN DIEGO, Calif.- Lola is returning to adult with Naughty America, this time behind the camera, the company announced.

Lola is a nine-year industry veteran having spent seven years in front of the camera and two years pursuing personal endeavors.
(AVN Online By: Todd Lewis, 07-08-2006)
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Naughty America: It Takes a Family to Create Quality Internet Pornography
SAN DIEGO, Calif.— It takes a family to create quality Internet pornography. That's the philosophy, at least, of Naughty America, a San Diego, Calif.-based company that takes pride in living outside the adult industry mainstream by, paradoxically enough, embracing the traditional themes of the skin trade.
(xbiz online Jul 4th 2006)
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Warning: Adults Only
Naughty America: The Game It's the next step for online dating. Customize your avatar by going to salons, plastic surgeons, and clothing stores.

Then hit the town, hook up, and switch on Sex Mode! How graphic: Hand-drawn 2-D ­characters and relatively discreet ­depictions of bow-chicka-bow-bow.
(, April 2006-by Helen Cheng)
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TECHNOLOGY: Meet Naughty America: The Game
Naughty America: The Game is an upcoming multiplayer online role-playing game that allows you to meet, date, and mate in a virtual world created by Safe Escape Studios.

In this game, you can design your character, decorate your apartment, and then venture out...
( by SHALOME, 03-01-2006)
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Sentry to play cop, chaperon online
When Naughty America The Game launches on the Web this spring, registered users will get to drop their inhibitions and their trousers as they frolic through a virtual city trying to meet and bed other players. If characters hit it off (did you see the pixilation on that brunette?), they can test their online chemistry by setting up a real-world date.

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Harmony Gets Anal in Housewife One on One
Harmony isn’t shy when it comes to sex on camera. "Just point the way," says the 22-year-old blonde.

But when it comes to doing her first anal scene, that was a different story. "I've been wanting to do it for the last six months and I told Naughty America ..."
(AVN Online By: Carlos Martinez, 03-13-2006)
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Video Game Allows Players To Make A Connection
(CBS4/MIAMI HERALD) MIAMI Naughty America is a game that you might say is racy, not just for its adult content – the game gives you a chance to act out your fantasies in real life if you win the game.

The online adult game allows you to role play downright to your body parts.
(CBS4, Beatriz Canals Feb. 8th)
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Naughty America: The Game Will Feature Online Identity Verification
SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Naughty America has announced a new contract with Sentry to provide identity and background verification for its newly announced MMO, Naughty America: The Game. The arrangement is the first for Sentry in the world of online gaming.
(xbiz online Jan 6th 2006)
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Tech Blotter: An Even Sexier Video Game
As if the video gaming community didn't already have enough lonely men who ogle women in the real world, now they can do it in a virtual one as well!

"Naughty America: The Game" is an online video game world ....
(ABC - Compiled by JONATHAN SILVERSTEIN Dec 19th 2005)
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Naughty America: The Game to Feature Online Identity Verification
SAN DIEGO - Naughty America announced a contractual arrangement with online identity and verification service, Sentry, to provide identity and background verification for its newly announced MMO, Naughty America: The Game.It is the first such arrangement for Sentry in the world of online gaming.
(AVN Online By: Todd Lewis Jan. 10th 2006)
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Naughty America Game Announced
Naughty America today announced its first venture into the world of online gaming with Naughty America: The Game. 

Scheduled to go live in the Spring of 2006, Naughty America: The Game is a new twist on the world of online dating, combining in-game chat functionality ...
( Dec. 15th 2005)
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Naughty America on,,

Online games have so far mainly revolved around the killing of fantasy monsters. The occasional fight with a Stormtrooper provides some variety.
(AP April 2006: Peter Svensson)
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Want iPod-Ready Content For Free?

San Diego, CA - Naughty America announced today that it has begun making its episodes iPod-ready for members.

All of NA's members can load their video iPods with recent Naughty America episodes without having to download (and figure out) programs...
NA Press Feb. 8 2006
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“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

In 1776 our founding Fathers laid down these ideals for the birth of a nation. It is with these same principles that Naughty America exists today. I believe that everyone has, at one point or another, had a “naughty” thought cross their minds but have been reluctant to act, or even consider further exploration of the thought, due to some form of embarrassment – personally or socially.

Either way, I find this to be a hindrance in the pursuit of one’s happiness. For that simple reason, I bring you Naughty America – a place for adults, men and women alike, to come and play, have fun and explore your own fantasies, your own “naughtiness.” Whether you choose to keep Naughty America private or share with a loved one, I feel you will find satisfaction and happiness. At Naughty America, naughty is good.