"Thirsty" - featuring Bridgette B and Luna Star!

Bridgette B and Luna Star flash their tits for "likes"

Having a hard time convincing yourself to make it to the gym? Luna Star and Bridgette B are about to make it a whole lot easier. They catch you staring as they’re taking some sexy selfies, and give you the workout of your life. They’ve got you exactly where they want you, treating you to a sexy strip tease, and giving your endurance a run for its money. Bridgette B and Luna Star will blow you away in this exclusive VR experience. Maybe going to the gym isn’t so tough after all. Bridgette B loves working in porn so much, that she doesn’t feel like she needs a day off!

This bombshell got her name after someone told her that she reminded them of Brigitte Bardot.  Fittingly, her favorite porn to watch is vintage porn, from the 80’s or 90’s.  She loves country music, documentaries, and is a diehard Real Madrid fan.

Luna Star’s favorite position is dominant.  She loves power play, and loves being the one in charge.  She got her start after she visited a porn shoot, and decided that she wanted to try it out.  The rest, is history. Known for her hardcore performances, her fantasy of doing a DP recently came to life.  We can’t wait to see what else Luna Star has up her sleeve.  

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