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ABOUT: Pornstar Tanya Tate

ABOUT: Pornstar Tanya Tate

Tanya Tate might be one of the best known pornstars in the scene, but it's not just because of her significant successes in porn - it's also because of her hugely popular ventures into geek fandom, and cosplay. Born in Liverpool in the UK in 1979, Tanya Tate only entered the adult industry in 2009.

"I was working in an office close to my home town of Liverpool, and was looking for something more exciting in my life. I was watching an adult movie with a friend and decided I wanted to do it. I had some photographs taken, researched the UK market and sent them my pictures. They liked me, invited me to shoot in London and here I am 5 years later living in LA. Being older and with the title 'MILF' I feel I am more confident and know more about my body. I know what gets me off and know how to get my partners to pleasure me."

It didn't take long for Tanya Tate to make a massive impact on the scene. Just one year after her debut, Tanya Tate won three awards: Best MILF Performer (Editor's Choice Award) and MILF of the Year from Nightmoves, and Best Sex Scene from SHAFTA. Each year since then, Tanya has either won or at least been nominated for a bevy of awards, and her popularity has only grown with each year.

Particularly popular in the geek fandom scene, Tanya Tate also makes regular appearances at festivals like ComicCon, dressed as different superheroes, and has become a contributing writer for several geek related websites. Not only that, but she's launched her own superhero and line of action figures. In short, Tanya Tate is pretty much the geek's dream come true: a gorgeous MILF porn performer, and one of the coolest, most passionate women in geek fandom.

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